Friday, March 27, 2009


So things have been beyond crazy. I have had a bout of pneumonia for 3 weeks now, I can't seem to shake it. Luke is now in Louisiana working. The kids and I will join him when we sell the house. He will be home in 2 weeks for a visit, although it will be tough to let him go again. He is getting on really well there, they really like him and look to him to get things done.

Mom and Dad will be here next Friday for a visit, the kids and I are very excited. I miss my folks. They are coming to help me out, give me a break. I am with the kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Wow I need to break. I can't even shower or go to the bathroom without a visitor. It will be good for them to have some time away from me and vice-versa.

Luke is getting used to Lousisiana as far as I can tell. They are having a nice little string of severe thunderstorms and tornado watches, which freak me out a bit. You would think in a place like that, there would be cellars or basements but there aren't! That makes me nervous! I keep checking NOAA for the latest, which I don't think is really helping the situation!

My meds for migraine are off, I am not sleeping and my eating schedule is all messed up. This is affecting my school work as I am having headaches very frequently at this point, it feels like daily. I don't go back to the neurologist for another 2 1/2 weeks. That may be a problem. School is rough, but I just passed midterms. A in Tech Writing, B in Math and Biology. So that's good I guess. I really needed an A in biology and Math to get into Nursing school though, so now I am left re-evaluating what I want to do. I may have to settle for Medical assisting or radiology tech or something like that. We'll have to see how long it takes us to sell the house. If i have to wait till spring semester to start school down there, that will make a difference. I am just not sure about so much right now. I am not looking forward to changing schools. I don't know what of my classes will transfer and what I will have to re-take, which is so frustrating.

Trent lost his first teeth, two within a week of each other. Both on the bottom. The first one, we were on the way home from Las Vegas from the NASCAR race. We were in the truck and he didn't even tell us that it had come out. he just took it out and stuffed it in the car seat. We got out for supper in Salt Lake and I looked at him and asked him where his tooth was! He told me it was somewhere in the car. Crazy boy!

He and Julia are about the same size now. 1/2 size different shoes, 1 size different clothing, maybe 1-2 inches in height. Julia is still a tiny little bit of a thing. Trent is perfectly average. We were at Julia's parent teacher conference last night and a girl in her class had the time before us. She walked out and looked back and told her parents "This is Julia. Look at her, she's so tiny!" I couldn't believe that! Another 7 year old was calling her tiny! But alas, she is small, noticeably smaller than most kids in her grade.

I have been doing some scrapping and lots of ebaying to get rid of stuff that is cluttering up the house. And then I am using the ebay money to buy scrapbook stuff. Good trade off right! I haven't been out to shoot in I don't know how long. I need to, but I just haven't felt up to it. This post is mostly because I feel so bad about no updates in SOOOOOOO long!

So there it is, a snapshot of my last month. I will try to be a better blogger. I just don't think about it. I will also try to post some scrap stuff soon, since I haven't taken any photos in a while. Put that on the list too. Maybe when mom and dad are here I will get an afternoon to go shoot alone.

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  1. you are one busy woman! but louisiana sounds awesome!
    if you have time at midnight, pop on over for a special surprise!


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