Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yeah, it's been a while...

So my intention to keep this blog more current was ill-fated. I have been pseudo busy, I know I know. I finished up this semester, have been working part-time, and just doing the regular stuff. I look at the things other people accomplish and realize that I am really lazy! Maybe it's just a lack of organization or drive. Who knows. In any case, I haven't gotten out to shoot anything substantial in a very long time. Maybe this weekend. The kids will be out Friday for Christmas break. I will be going home to Oregon after Christmas, so maybe some shooting then. We'll see. I need to get a family photo done soon, badly! I am running out of time and excuses. Maybe this weekend.... I keep saying that! Christmas is sneaking up on me, I keep thinking I have all kinds of time. All my gifts are purchased and almost all are wrapped. But it still seems far away. In reality, it's 9 days away! Ouch. Ok, so here is a pic of Trent, it's been a few weeks, sometime before Thanksgiving because we didn't have snow yet. But here it is anyway!

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  1. It appears I am your biggest fan! ha!
    I check in regularly to see if there's anything new and was pleasantly surprised today!
    I like this pic. of Trent and I like his hair a little longer too. If you are anything like me, it's probably too long for your taste (I like my boys' hair shaved too) but it looks good on him.
    I enjoyed talking to Julia on the phone the other night. Did not get those jokes she told me but that's ok! ( :
    Hope to see you all soon!


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