Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fancy Pantsy

I was over at Luv Scrappin here in the big GR and saw this awesome fancy pants paper! And of course, I had to buy some. HAD to! There were mystical powers willing me to the checkout. paper in hand. Ok, so that said, I decided to make a father's day card with some of it and a layout about Trent and his legos with the rest. I am so enamoured with it.

Scrap stuff aside, (although it is what I am doing with most of my time now that Luke is back in Texas and school is done. I can see the back yard from the window over my desk so the kids can play and I can multi-task) things here are ok. Still nothing looking like interest on the house. Still broke. Still missing Luke, even though he's been gone for 2 days. I am looking forward to going to see him in Texas. I want to see Louisiana. i want to know what I have gotten myself into! I will be there for like 5 days, then come home for 1 and then off to Hawaii for 5 weeks! I can't wait to see my sis and her extended fam. Trent is so excited to see "Auntie weesa" and Julia is way stoked for Aunt Lindsey, so the kids will be evenly split! It's good that both Aunties have a kid that likes them best!

I fully intend to get a good head start on skin cancer. I am not going to spend my summer vacation hiding in the house! We will be at the beach! I'm not a tanning person, but being out at the beach all the time it's bound to happen. I have already bought some sunscreen as the kids got a bit pink playing in the sprinkler the other day. Julia was of course super dramatic! I always tell her "you're going to die." Maybe I should scrap that!
We have someone to take care of the house while we are gone, a kid who is like Luke's little brother is going to move in here for a while. That makes me happy. I really like him. I think the house will be standing and maybe even in good shape by the end of the time! I am going to list the house for rent tomorrow and hopefully we can find someone to move in and keep the place up while we move away. And we really could use the offset in finance!

Ok, enough of that! Here is my fancy pantsy stuff. Check out the photos on the bottom of my blog, I'm adding a couple new ones! Spring has really inspired me! I only wish it had been longer than a week! We went from cold crap and snow, directly to 80 degrees and it look slike summer!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I am so in love with all the new Sassafrass lines! As you can see from recent posts, I have been using it a LOT! So why stop now. This page just made my day. I finished it this morning and had to post it. It is so fabulous! I think it may be my favorite this month, certainly this week. The paper is from the new Anthem line, the chip flowers and the pink cloud sticker (which I {heart}) are also new Sass. And I am learning to love thickers too. Thanks to all the girls at Scrap Gal for the insane thickers enabling!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Busy scrappy day

Luke was fishing with Julia, then napping, then packing. So I had like 3 1/2 or 4 hours of scrappy time today. I busted out my BG Wisteria and went to town. I used a ton of scraps to make an ATC and a card as well as another page in my flower mini. then I did this page, which I {heart}. It's from a sketch over at Kenner Road. Go check out the blog, they have tons of great stuff over there. These are a bunch of different strips of Wisteria papers, some primas, and a Maya road branch chip piece COVERED in glitter! I tried something new that worked really well. I used a can of spray adhesive! Some super strength stuff from the hardware store. I took the branch in the garage, then sprayed the heck out of it until it was shiny and wet. Then I dumped a TON of glitter on it while it was still wet and it worked like a CHARM. I got a ton of coverage with only a very small thin part from there I touched it before it was dry. I fixed that with a little tombow mono and Bada Bing!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucas is HOME!!!

But only for a short time. He surprised us by leaving after work on Saturday and driving through the night to get here Sunday afternoon. I, of course, figured it out when he was about 6 hours away. But the kids were truely surprised. And he brought Boodro. Much to my surprise, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dog. I have never felt this way about a dog before. I just hope it stays this way! Luke will have to leave early saturday morning, which makes me sad. But at least I get almost a week with him. I will be back down with him in just shy of 3 weeks, so that is good.

Still haven't sold the house, still no one looking. Very depressing. The makrket just dissapeared with the jobs out here. It sucks. We are having an open house tomorrow, but I am not hopeful. I have pretty much given up. We will move to Texas with Luke when we get back from Hawaii and that's that.

So that's about all here. I have been taking pictures of flowers the past few days because they make me happy. I also got some prairie dogs at the Echo rest stop of all places! Spring has finally come to Wyoming and I am drinking it all in. So here are two of my favorites this week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Baby!!!

Trent graduated from preschool today. OUCH. Ok, I have no issue with my age. In fact, I feel MUCH older than I am, probably 10 years. While all my peers were going to college, getting drunk, holding cool AND crappy jobs, I was married, having babies, and paying mortgage. The issue, like for most parents, is that he is growing up so fast. I have given up on holding onto Julia. Time and teen waits for no man. She thinks she is a teenager already. All of her friends have parents who let their 7 and 8 year old girls wear fake nails, dye their hair, put on makeup, and wear clothes that I MAY have worn at 19! Not me. But I am having to slowly give in. she got a grown up haircut this week. It's really cute, layered. it makes her look older. Ok. But my baby! He still needs read to at night before bead. He still snuggles up under my arm ALL day. He needs at least 10 hugs every day. He is still a little boy. But real school! This year, I made sure to treasure our alone time together. We had friday mommy-trent days where we went to lunch and did our shopping together. We sit and watch cartoons on the sofa before school or play super mario brothers. And next year, I am afraid I will lose that. Julia has always been incredibly independent. Not affectionate, not needy. It's just her personality. She made her first scrapbook page today. She has been bugging me for weeks to make something, so I went through old stuff I had and let her have her own box. Growing up. OUCH.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I was chillin for the weekend at Scrapgal and did a TON of stuff. Besides the fact that those girls rock and I had a blast chatting the night away, there were some really cool challenges. Since school is over for the semester, I have some extra time on my hands and figured I may as well scrap my little heart out and completely ignore housework! Here are a few of my favorite things (insert sound of music here) from this weekend of course!

Friday, May 15, 2009

friday updates

So it's payday, that means grocery shopping and alone day with Trent. I love these days and know I won't have them for much longer! So I am livin it up!

I have been scrapping a bunch, there is a May A-Z challenge over at and I am trying to keep up! I have been making ATC's for the first time ever and they are fun! I think I may get addicted! Also over there, check out the Gal blog, they are hookin it up with RAK's to celebrate their 100th blog post! How cool right! There is a crop this weekend too, you should check it out. I will be hangin out there. Since school is out and Luke is gone, I have a lot of free time...

So here is a new layout to share, nothing super fancy, just fun! I am loving the new sassafrass lines, I just can't get enough of them. I am running low already! I may have to be placing an order or making an excuse to go to Salt Lake!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Search Has Returned!!

Well, kind of! I am going to be working on a 5 week challenges over at Vintage Plum. They are doing a challenge and at the end, they are hooking the winner up with a guest DT spot. I would love to get it, they have the best kits ever! They are way my style. All of the products in the kits are from companies who manufacture in the US. Gotta love that.

So today, I will be scrapping working on the challenge for this week. I am excited. I am supposed to be going up to Luv Scrappin to scrap with Dawn, we will see what's up. Yesterday she couldn't because her midget was sick. So hopefully she will be there today!

Last night I worked on some ATC's which is a new venture for me. I have never tried them before, but they were part of a challenge so I gave them a go. A great way to use up leftovers if I do say so! I am notorious for saving every little scrap and I don't make cards often, so I think these will be a good way to use some of them up! I'll post them to this post in a bit, it's too windy to take pictures right now. Gotta love wyoming. I woke up this morning to the flag from the front of our house UNDER my car in the driveway. I am ready for the wind to be done. NOW.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Been Busy

I have been scrapping quite a bit lately. I did a page today but haven't gotten a pic of it yet because it was super windy today. I am trying to take more pictures outside but it's hard with all the wind all the time. Go Wyoming. So here is one I did this weekend of my feet. Luke loves my feet. I love getting pedicures. I love being barefoot. I hate having to wear shoes. And of course I had to use the new Sassafrass pretties!

Other than that, I have been loving no school. It makes me so happy to be done with 2 classes that I despised, Biology and Math. I managed a B in both of those classes and an A in my writing class. I don't know what to do with myself now without 6 horus of homework most days! I rocked my term paper in my writing class. I haven't gotten my grade back yet (GRRRR) but I had a 106.6% before the term paper so I was guaranteed an A in the class.

The kids are good. Much better since I am not so crabby! My neurologistfinally figured out a good medication and dosage to squash MOST of my headaches. I still have 1-2 a week, but since Luke left in March, I had been having 1-2 a day! I went a whole month with only 1 day off from them. So here it is, medication #4 and it's working like a champ! I am so much less crabby now, with the kids and just in general. I actually feel like scrapping and going to the park with the kids. I don't know how they put up with me for this long. I guess that's why they were so out of control! I am out of control, so are they. But it's getting better. The weather is getting warmer and they are getting restless. I think we will be planting flowers in the front tomorrow.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New stuff!

I got some new goodies this weekend! I went to Heartland Papers in Salt Lake last weekend and they had the new Sassafrass stuff! YEAH!!!! I have been coveting it since I saw it over on their blog. And I found it! And I bought one of everything they had!

Second project is part of a prima box that I altered. I added some hinges, a bunch of flowers from prima and maya road, and some rubons. Voila, something fabulous! I love it! Julia is already asking if she can have it. NO WAY!

Monday, May 4, 2009

scrappy update

Well, the month long crop over at scrapbookdoodles is over, so I can post some of my projects now! It's finals week, so i don't know how much scrapping I will get done in the early part of the week, but maybe thursday or friday! Can't wait for the semester to be over!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blog Candy Alert!

Just a quick post to let you know that there is some wonderful blog candy being given away by Ally who is on the DT for My Stamp Box (clear stamps in a hard CD case that stand like an easel on your desk!) . Go check it out, I have some of these stamps and they are fab!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Won!

So I was hanging over at and they were having a Putting on the Glitz contest. And guess what, I freaking won! so i get a haul of Glitz products that I can't wait for. Here is my layout! I feel like I have my scrap groove back. Last month I was runner up in the monthly contest over at I am happy that someone else appreciates my hard work. I feel validated as a scrapper and happy that I have the mojo to keep scrapping more! It was so long once my craft room flooded before I really scrapped again. I got out of the habit of it and just didn't have the mojo to get back in. But I did and I have my groove back! Wahoo for me!
Tomorrow I am headed to Salt Lake for a half a day at the spa! Luke insisted, so I am going. To be honest, i am glad he insisted because I wouldn't have done it otherwise. Money is just too tight. But my stress level has been really high for a long time now. So I have it coming! It's also National Scrapbook Day! So i will be doing a bit of scrappy shopping while I am in town! Darn the bad luck!