Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fancy Pantsy

I was over at Luv Scrappin here in the big GR and saw this awesome fancy pants paper! And of course, I had to buy some. HAD to! There were mystical powers willing me to the checkout. paper in hand. Ok, so that said, I decided to make a father's day card with some of it and a layout about Trent and his legos with the rest. I am so enamoured with it.

Scrap stuff aside, (although it is what I am doing with most of my time now that Luke is back in Texas and school is done. I can see the back yard from the window over my desk so the kids can play and I can multi-task) things here are ok. Still nothing looking like interest on the house. Still broke. Still missing Luke, even though he's been gone for 2 days. I am looking forward to going to see him in Texas. I want to see Louisiana. i want to know what I have gotten myself into! I will be there for like 5 days, then come home for 1 and then off to Hawaii for 5 weeks! I can't wait to see my sis and her extended fam. Trent is so excited to see "Auntie weesa" and Julia is way stoked for Aunt Lindsey, so the kids will be evenly split! It's good that both Aunties have a kid that likes them best!

I fully intend to get a good head start on skin cancer. I am not going to spend my summer vacation hiding in the house! We will be at the beach! I'm not a tanning person, but being out at the beach all the time it's bound to happen. I have already bought some sunscreen as the kids got a bit pink playing in the sprinkler the other day. Julia was of course super dramatic! I always tell her "you're going to die." Maybe I should scrap that!
We have someone to take care of the house while we are gone, a kid who is like Luke's little brother is going to move in here for a while. That makes me happy. I really like him. I think the house will be standing and maybe even in good shape by the end of the time! I am going to list the house for rent tomorrow and hopefully we can find someone to move in and keep the place up while we move away. And we really could use the offset in finance!

Ok, enough of that! Here is my fancy pantsy stuff. Check out the photos on the bottom of my blog, I'm adding a couple new ones! Spring has really inspired me! I only wish it had been longer than a week! We went from cold crap and snow, directly to 80 degrees and it look slike summer!

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