Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Baby!!!

Trent graduated from preschool today. OUCH. Ok, I have no issue with my age. In fact, I feel MUCH older than I am, probably 10 years. While all my peers were going to college, getting drunk, holding cool AND crappy jobs, I was married, having babies, and paying mortgage. The issue, like for most parents, is that he is growing up so fast. I have given up on holding onto Julia. Time and teen waits for no man. She thinks she is a teenager already. All of her friends have parents who let their 7 and 8 year old girls wear fake nails, dye their hair, put on makeup, and wear clothes that I MAY have worn at 19! Not me. But I am having to slowly give in. she got a grown up haircut this week. It's really cute, layered. it makes her look older. Ok. But my baby! He still needs read to at night before bead. He still snuggles up under my arm ALL day. He needs at least 10 hugs every day. He is still a little boy. But real school! This year, I made sure to treasure our alone time together. We had friday mommy-trent days where we went to lunch and did our shopping together. We sit and watch cartoons on the sofa before school or play super mario brothers. And next year, I am afraid I will lose that. Julia has always been incredibly independent. Not affectionate, not needy. It's just her personality. She made her first scrapbook page today. She has been bugging me for weeks to make something, so I went through old stuff I had and let her have her own box. Growing up. OUCH.

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  1. Such a handsome young man!
    Jeven turns 3 on Friday and I am having a hard, hard time! My baby is gone and there's no more coming!! When Josie was 2, Jarrett was born. And Jarrett was only 1 when Jeven was born so there's always been another baby but alas, no more. So, I know what you're going through!
    Love Julia's new do, very cute.
    Josie's been bugging us to get her hair cut and daddy finally gave in. We cut off a whole 4 inches! (picture eye roll here). Seems if daddy was the one to comb the hair every day, it would be different story.


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