Friday, May 15, 2009

friday updates

So it's payday, that means grocery shopping and alone day with Trent. I love these days and know I won't have them for much longer! So I am livin it up!

I have been scrapping a bunch, there is a May A-Z challenge over at and I am trying to keep up! I have been making ATC's for the first time ever and they are fun! I think I may get addicted! Also over there, check out the Gal blog, they are hookin it up with RAK's to celebrate their 100th blog post! How cool right! There is a crop this weekend too, you should check it out. I will be hangin out there. Since school is out and Luke is gone, I have a lot of free time...

So here is a new layout to share, nothing super fancy, just fun! I am loving the new sassafrass lines, I just can't get enough of them. I am running low already! I may have to be placing an order or making an excuse to go to Salt Lake!

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