Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucas is HOME!!!

But only for a short time. He surprised us by leaving after work on Saturday and driving through the night to get here Sunday afternoon. I, of course, figured it out when he was about 6 hours away. But the kids were truely surprised. And he brought Boodro. Much to my surprise, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dog. I have never felt this way about a dog before. I just hope it stays this way! Luke will have to leave early saturday morning, which makes me sad. But at least I get almost a week with him. I will be back down with him in just shy of 3 weeks, so that is good.

Still haven't sold the house, still no one looking. Very depressing. The makrket just dissapeared with the jobs out here. It sucks. We are having an open house tomorrow, but I am not hopeful. I have pretty much given up. We will move to Texas with Luke when we get back from Hawaii and that's that.

So that's about all here. I have been taking pictures of flowers the past few days because they make me happy. I also got some prairie dogs at the Echo rest stop of all places! Spring has finally come to Wyoming and I am drinking it all in. So here are two of my favorites this week.

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