Monday, July 27, 2009

Presents for......

#7! So that means that Cindy is the winner! Get me your addy and I will get you some goodies! my email is shep_9 at . Congrats, hope you had a great Christmas! I only made it to a couple blogs because I was too busy getting a tan and playing in the water with my kids.

Alas, my trip is coming to an end. I leave tomorrow night for a red eye back to the mainland. Poo. At least that means more regular posts and maybe another challenge/giveaway soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Merry Christmas in July!

Hey girls! Whether you are here from or Add Glitter and stir, welcome! Glad to have you! Hope you are getting all kinds of caught up on Christmas stuff, I'm not! I'm sitting on a beach in Hawaii! But I do feel generous. So I think I will do another little RAK. Merry Christmas in July from me to you. Just leave me a post before tomorrow at noon and I will hook you up with a little surprise Kauaian style! It's not gonna be scrappy stuff, something from the island. You will like it. Or at least I will like sending it!

So here is a card I made from a pageframes clear acrylic bird shape... at least I think it's pageframes! lol! You know how that goes, you take it out of the package and can't remember anymore.

What I did:

1. So that the card could be truely doublesided was write my message on the back side of the double sided paper. That's the key... DOUBLESIDED!

2. Then I used liquid glue. The metal kind from making memories. You need something that will hold tight to the non-pourous surface but still remain clear.

3. Adhere everything down and you are good to go! Drop some rubons too if you've got 'em! I used some metal charms, rubons, snowflake trim, and rick rack. You can use whatever! IF you have to use regular adhesive, like tombow or something, this is a good way to hide it.

Have fun! Be sure to check out the Gal blog for a month of Christmas ideas and bounce around the Christmas blog party over at Add Glitter and Stir for more giveaways and ideas! Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am in love

With Kepa Kruse. There, I said it. Seriously, he makes me swoon. He's a local boy from Kauai and his music is on the radio all the time. He's so cruise! I love listening to him all day! I added one of his songs to my sidebar, listen to it. You can find him on MySpace too and there is a link to download his whole album for free. You should go do it.

Next item of business. Only one more week. Well not even a week. Our idiot mortgage guy screwed us and now we are going to have to wait 3-4 more weeks to get our house. He screwed up our loan after sitting on it for a month. Don't even get me started. So in any case, we will be living in a friend's travel trailer for that time. Yep, I am stoked!

Christmas Blog party is still going on over at, you should go check out all the cool ideas. Everything from cards to goody holders and home decor ideas. Way cool stuff.

We went and ate supper at Poipu at sunset last night. It was really nice. A bit windy, but the beach was beautiful. Of course the kids had to get in the water. Trent was in over his head. He got pummelled by waves and came back for more. Alisa just sat and watched them having fun. I am going to miss Hawaii. It's not the same as if you were to come out here as a tourist. I have been to beaches tourists wouldn't go to or can't find. I ate at places tourists never see. I hung with the coolest people on earth. This summer has been absolutely amazing. I got the local style Kauai. And I am very greatful for that. Alisa has the best family and the girls have some really awesome friends. Lindsey wants the kids at least to come out every summer. I think that will be arranged.

Julia has made good friends with Alisa's little sisters. I have visions of 10 years of summer visits to aunties' house to hang with her girls! So much fun. I fully intend to be spending some serious time out here too. I can't believe I have to leave in less than a week. But I miss Luke and he misses us. I haven't scrapped much because I was scrapping Lindsey's wedding album yesterday so I didn't get much of my own stuff done. But here is one I did. More are on scrapgal in my gallery!

Enjoy your summer! Shoots!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite things

So my girl Jamie is on the DT of a BRAND NEW challenge blog. It's called These Are a Few of My Fave Things. You should go check, it's the first challenge so you can say "I knew that blog way back when!" Here is my entry for the first challenge, which is your favorite COLOR! Since I don't have a favorite color, I did 2! Adore it from afar.... HA ha!

So my time in Hawaii is flying. My 3 days of scrapping are over for this week, and next week I won't get as much because Koloa Plantation Days are next week. Lots of stuff to do! I will get some done, I am already about half a week behind. It just keeps creeping up on me! I got 4 layouts done today and 4 yesterday and it still isn't enough! So I will be making up more than I wanted to when I get home! I will stay up a bit tonight to get one more done.

We are going to a Buddhist temple and a place called Queen's Bath tomorrow with Lindsey, Beth (Lindsey's awesome friend who I now love) and the kids. I am looking forward to checking some new stuff out and getting some awesome pictures to add to my pile of memories.

Last night, Lindsey and I went to Duke's in Lihue (Extremely overpriced, go for the Hula pie, but skip dinner unless you eat pu pu's ONLY in the bar downstairs). Then we went out to this bar called Rob's with Beth. It was so nice. So much fun to just hang out and visit with adults, and not about my kids! Alisa is a saint and kept the kids for me. She met up with her mom and sister and took the kids shopping, bought them new toys, took them to Mc Donalds, and even let Julia roam the mall with the older girls ALONE! I never! But it's different out here and the other girls are older. Julia had SO much fun.

So I guess that's about it for now. Hope your summer kicks ass as much as mine does!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scrapping Hawaiian Style

Humidity and all. So I have been working my little butt off the past couple days. While Lindsey is working, I scrap. I have posted a few things over in the scrapgal gallery, but here are a couple that aren't up there.

Sorry about the glare on the first pic. I used a transparancy and no matter what angle I used, I couldn't get rid of it! Since I am EXTREMELY limited on supplies here (i only brought one shoulder tote. And there is no lss here!) pretty much everything is MME Breaking Free. Last day of scrapping is today and I haven't been very successful. Soon I think I will bail and get to baking. I promised lindsey and alisa baked goods! I'll try to be better about blogging, but give me a break please, cause it is vacation!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I did this challenge posed by Liz Kartchner... Take a photo of what you were doing at this time, since it's such a clever date. I was scrapping my little heart out at Lindsey's kitchen table, eating my new favorite candy, Hi-Chew. It's a big thing out here in Kauai, I don't know where it's from or if it's big anywhere else. But it's so amazingly good. My favorite are sour apple and strawberry, but the ones I was eating this morning were lemon. I bought the Costco pack which has a lot of different kind.

I have been kicking butt this week with scrapping this trip, buying all that MME stuff before I came was a FABULOUS idea. It's so easy. I mean, I will say that I would love to have more options with regards to embellies, there's nothing like scrapping at home (or the best stocked scrap store in the world) but when that is absent, this will suffice. The whole point of this was to NOT have 300 photos sitting in a box 4 years after this trip. And that will not happen! I will have at least the first 3 weeks scrapped by the time I leave. Kind of hard to scrap week 4 when I am still in it! But I don't know how much Iw ill get to do once I get home. I think it will be pretty crazy for a while. I will post layouts tomorrow, I have at least 4 done now, maybe 5!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

No No Bad Blogger...

Ok, so I think this is the longest I have gone in a REALLY long time. But it's for good reason. I am in Hawaii. That's reason enough right? I have been hanging with my sister, working on design team projects for Scrap Gal. You should go, NOW, and check out the happenings for July. We are doing Christmas in July and Vintage Summer with Jenni Bowlin. Should be tons of fun and good prizes too!

In the past week, I have been to the beach 3 times, watched my sister and Alisa paddle in a regatta (outrigger canoes, all day races), been shopping, been to a BBQ with my sister-in-laws step dad's family (who are Filipino, which is awesome because I got to eat some new stuff that rocked my world!), went on a picnic up the Waimea Canyon, saw a sea turtle, did some shopping, had a birthday (I turned 29, no one sent me presents), got a pedi (b-day pressie from my sister), and sweated my butt off.

I have done like 4 layouts, 2 cards, and made a big mess on my sister's table. Her dog has fallen in love with me. Her name is Olive, she is super cute. She hangs on the back of the couch across my shoulders. Or on my lap. Or following me around the house. Or waking me up in the morning by licking my hand or jumping up on the bed with me.

For those of you who don't know, Kauai is COVERED in chickens. After Hurricane Iniki, the chickens that were in cages were scattered. Since Hawaii has bird protection laws, you can't kill them or trap them. So they roost in the yard, on the side of the road, they are in parking lots, shopping malls, the beach!!! Everywhere pretty much. The kids love it. They are always yelling "Chicken, rooster, Baby chicks..." it's better than slug bug.

Julia's arm is broken. I don't know if I even posted about that! She broke it with my dad in Denver by falling off some playground equipment. The break is up so high on her arm they can't cast it. So that means weekly x-rays. Yeah, that's FUN and CHEAP! So every Monday in Kauai, we get to go to the Ortho. Awesome. Oh well. IF she is good with her arm and keeps it wrapped and in the sling, she won't have to have surgery. If she's not, we have to have surgery. So here's hoping.

Well, I guess that's about it. check out scrapgal for my latest. And check out the photo goodness I have been hooking up lately! and yes. that is a gecko on my sis's window catching/eating a cockroach! The geckos are everywhere! (as are the bugs...ewwww.) And those pastries are from a local bakery that rocks my world. And the canoe is my sister and Alisa's club, Kawaiikini Canoe Club. What awesome girls.