Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am in love

With Kepa Kruse. There, I said it. Seriously, he makes me swoon. He's a local boy from Kauai and his music is on the radio all the time. He's so cruise! I love listening to him all day! I added one of his songs to my sidebar, listen to it. You can find him on MySpace too and there is a link to download his whole album for free. You should go do it.

Next item of business. Only one more week. Well not even a week. Our idiot mortgage guy screwed us and now we are going to have to wait 3-4 more weeks to get our house. He screwed up our loan after sitting on it for a month. Don't even get me started. So in any case, we will be living in a friend's travel trailer for that time. Yep, I am stoked!

Christmas Blog party is still going on over at, you should go check out all the cool ideas. Everything from cards to goody holders and home decor ideas. Way cool stuff.

We went and ate supper at Poipu at sunset last night. It was really nice. A bit windy, but the beach was beautiful. Of course the kids had to get in the water. Trent was in over his head. He got pummelled by waves and came back for more. Alisa just sat and watched them having fun. I am going to miss Hawaii. It's not the same as if you were to come out here as a tourist. I have been to beaches tourists wouldn't go to or can't find. I ate at places tourists never see. I hung with the coolest people on earth. This summer has been absolutely amazing. I got the local style Kauai. And I am very greatful for that. Alisa has the best family and the girls have some really awesome friends. Lindsey wants the kids at least to come out every summer. I think that will be arranged.

Julia has made good friends with Alisa's little sisters. I have visions of 10 years of summer visits to aunties' house to hang with her girls! So much fun. I fully intend to be spending some serious time out here too. I can't believe I have to leave in less than a week. But I miss Luke and he misses us. I haven't scrapped much because I was scrapping Lindsey's wedding album yesterday so I didn't get much of my own stuff done. But here is one I did. More are on scrapgal in my gallery!

Enjoy your summer! Shoots!

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