Thursday, July 2, 2009

No No Bad Blogger...

Ok, so I think this is the longest I have gone in a REALLY long time. But it's for good reason. I am in Hawaii. That's reason enough right? I have been hanging with my sister, working on design team projects for Scrap Gal. You should go, NOW, and check out the happenings for July. We are doing Christmas in July and Vintage Summer with Jenni Bowlin. Should be tons of fun and good prizes too!

In the past week, I have been to the beach 3 times, watched my sister and Alisa paddle in a regatta (outrigger canoes, all day races), been shopping, been to a BBQ with my sister-in-laws step dad's family (who are Filipino, which is awesome because I got to eat some new stuff that rocked my world!), went on a picnic up the Waimea Canyon, saw a sea turtle, did some shopping, had a birthday (I turned 29, no one sent me presents), got a pedi (b-day pressie from my sister), and sweated my butt off.

I have done like 4 layouts, 2 cards, and made a big mess on my sister's table. Her dog has fallen in love with me. Her name is Olive, she is super cute. She hangs on the back of the couch across my shoulders. Or on my lap. Or following me around the house. Or waking me up in the morning by licking my hand or jumping up on the bed with me.

For those of you who don't know, Kauai is COVERED in chickens. After Hurricane Iniki, the chickens that were in cages were scattered. Since Hawaii has bird protection laws, you can't kill them or trap them. So they roost in the yard, on the side of the road, they are in parking lots, shopping malls, the beach!!! Everywhere pretty much. The kids love it. They are always yelling "Chicken, rooster, Baby chicks..." it's better than slug bug.

Julia's arm is broken. I don't know if I even posted about that! She broke it with my dad in Denver by falling off some playground equipment. The break is up so high on her arm they can't cast it. So that means weekly x-rays. Yeah, that's FUN and CHEAP! So every Monday in Kauai, we get to go to the Ortho. Awesome. Oh well. IF she is good with her arm and keeps it wrapped and in the sling, she won't have to have surgery. If she's not, we have to have surgery. So here's hoping.

Well, I guess that's about it. check out scrapgal for my latest. And check out the photo goodness I have been hooking up lately! and yes. that is a gecko on my sis's window catching/eating a cockroach! The geckos are everywhere! (as are the bugs...ewwww.) And those pastries are from a local bakery that rocks my world. And the canoe is my sister and Alisa's club, Kawaiikini Canoe Club. What awesome girls.

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