Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So I did this challenge posed by Liz Kartchner... Take a photo of what you were doing at this time, since it's such a clever date. I was scrapping my little heart out at Lindsey's kitchen table, eating my new favorite candy, Hi-Chew. It's a big thing out here in Kauai, I don't know where it's from or if it's big anywhere else. But it's so amazingly good. My favorite are sour apple and strawberry, but the ones I was eating this morning were lemon. I bought the Costco pack which has a lot of different kind.

I have been kicking butt this week with scrapping this trip, buying all that MME stuff before I came was a FABULOUS idea. It's so easy. I mean, I will say that I would love to have more options with regards to embellies, there's nothing like scrapping at home (or the best stocked scrap store in the world) but when that is absent, this will suffice. The whole point of this was to NOT have 300 photos sitting in a box 4 years after this trip. And that will not happen! I will have at least the first 3 weeks scrapped by the time I leave. Kind of hard to scrap week 4 when I am still in it! But I don't know how much Iw ill get to do once I get home. I think it will be pretty crazy for a while. I will post layouts tomorrow, I have at least 4 done now, maybe 5!

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