Friday, May 1, 2009

I Won!

So I was hanging over at and they were having a Putting on the Glitz contest. And guess what, I freaking won! so i get a haul of Glitz products that I can't wait for. Here is my layout! I feel like I have my scrap groove back. Last month I was runner up in the monthly contest over at I am happy that someone else appreciates my hard work. I feel validated as a scrapper and happy that I have the mojo to keep scrapping more! It was so long once my craft room flooded before I really scrapped again. I got out of the habit of it and just didn't have the mojo to get back in. But I did and I have my groove back! Wahoo for me!
Tomorrow I am headed to Salt Lake for a half a day at the spa! Luke insisted, so I am going. To be honest, i am glad he insisted because I wouldn't have done it otherwise. Money is just too tight. But my stress level has been really high for a long time now. So I have it coming! It's also National Scrapbook Day! So i will be doing a bit of scrappy shopping while I am in town! Darn the bad luck!

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