Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got an A!!!

So I took a biology test today that I have been stressing about for a while. It's over evolution, genomics, and all things related. Not the worst set of 8 chapters we have ever had to do, but some of it is challenging. I went in with my lab partner to take it, we are the only 2 in GR so we go to the outreach together and do it since it has to be proctored. I had to takt the kids because the dumn lady who proctors never tells us what time we are getting the test until that day so it's impossible to set up a babysitter. My professor told me not to worry about it and bring them. So I did. So ANYWAY! I get done, try to submit the test, and NOTHING. It wouldn't let me submit, it wouldn't let me save, just said error on page over and over! AHHHHHH I was thinking I would have to take the whole thing over. So the proctor called my professor and she was able to manually force it to grade. And I got an A!!!!!! a 92%. If we average an "A" on all 3 of the early tests, we don't have to take the final! Just the test over the last 4 chapters. So I have an A average and don't have to take the final. I haven't been this happy since... well yesterday when I found out I don't have cervical cancer. (yep, there was a scare. Turns out I have mild displaysia they will watch and re-test every 6 months.) But before that, it has been a while. It's a good day! Think I may go scrap. Trent got himself up our front tree yesterday and I got pictures of it before I made him get down. He was half way up it! He's pretty good at climbing. I'll post the layout when I am done.

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