Monday, June 1, 2009

My favorite mini book

This is quite possibly my favorite mini ever. It's a bunch of little lessons I learned college. The dorms sure were informative! Little gems like "don't dump a bowl of top ramen in your garbage can when your dorm has a mouse problem. The proverb about the mouse falling in a bucket of cream doesn't translate to salty aasian noodles." and "That boy may be cute, but VD is forever". Every lesson in this mini is something either I personally or a friend of fellow dormer learned the first semester.

All the paper is from Crate Paper, Crush collection. Most of the ribbons are, and some of the rubons too. The rest is all stuff from my stash, everything from Making Memories, My Minds Eye, you name it! The big green flower on the front is actually a SHOE CLIP from Old Navy! I saw it, bought a pair in green and a pair in burgendy knowing they would never see shoes!

Ok, that's about it for now. Maybe back tomorrow with something new. We'll see how the mojo is! All kinds of rain and thunderstorms today and it got chilly so I snuggled up with Trent on the sofa and played Super Mario Brothers vs. battles on the kids' Nintendo DS.

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  1. great idea.. I can only remember some of the interesting lessons I learned in college.. LOL


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