Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Giving some shout outs

Ok, so i am all about hooking people up who hook me up. So that's what this is all about. Three places that have hooked a girl UP recently.

1. Sassafrass. Ok, besides the fact that they freaking rock and you can tell by 1/2 the layouts on my blog that I am a tiny bit obsessed, I was chosen for their blinky blog person thingy for the week! Isn't that awesome?? It's totally random and has nothing to do with my amazing scrappy skillz :( but nonethe less, they are hooking me up with a package of Sassafrass goodies! I have no idea what yet, but I was told I would be pleasantly surprised... It's Sass, of course it's going to be pleasant!

ETA my motherload! Holy cow, it was way fast shipping! And i sure was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! Anthem kit (with cs sticker 12x12, cs alphas, and the 6x12 cs stickers), Hog Heaven kit (same as anthem), wee sunshine lollipop pad, and 2 packs of paper whimsies (1 is the ATC card style and one is flowers!!!!) If I didn't love Sass enough before, I really love them now!

2. Ebay find of the month. Dora's Scrapbooking Outlet. OMG! serious hookup. Ok, lets start with the fact that she has ALL the new MME Break free collection in kits and HALF OFF (only for like 2 days, so go FAST!)! I bought almost all of it. Second, she was out of the rubons and offered to run out and get them TOMORROW for me so i could have them! Seriously? That's customer service! And LASTLY, but certainly not least, she offers FREE SHIPPING over $50, which isn't hard to do. Well, actually at half off it took more than I thought! So go check her out, tell her I told you about her. My ebay name is shep_9! I just want her to know that I really appreciate her! (This post is not sponsored by or bribed or blackmailed by anyone, just some honest to goodness lovin!)

3. Scrap gal. Now i don't want you to think they are the least cause they are last, in fact they are the best, so I was saving them for last! They are having a DT call, don't bother applying, I intend to earn a spot so you have no chance! j/k! But seriously, they are having a Pink Paisley contest (all creations must be 75% PP products to enter) and you don't even have to be good! this isn't a "Only Ali Edwards need apply" kind of place. They are equal opportunity lovers! So you enter a project, your name goes into the hat. At the end of the month, they draw a random winner! Voila! I won the Glitz contest over there in April and HOLY Motherload Batman! i got the entire Rebel line, half of the Hot Mama, a bunch of the one with cars and road signs (the name escapes me), and a stack of rubons, cs alphas, and cs stickers. probably close to $100 of goodies. I was FLOORED. I have been using the heck out of it!

Ok, second. They are having a summer picnic challenge, with weekly challenges. No idea what the prize is, if there even is one! But the challenge this week is really fun. You pick a menu and you get specific things you have to have on a layout that you enter. It's so much fun.

And third, pretty much everything over there rocks. The ladies are AWESOME, talented, funny, supportive girls. The gallery is always rocking! The store has the latest October Afternoon release!!! And it would be a lot more fun if you came and hung out. Seriously. It is so much fun i can't even tell you.

It's really late, like almost midnight. Insomnia strikes again. Hey, I could make my own Star Wars-esque trilogy about my lack of sleep! That would be so cool! but I think I would be the only one awake to watch it. Alas, no scrapping today. I spent the day loading 25 listings onto ebay. it was time to clear out the kids' closets and get rid of all of Trent's Thomas the train stuff. So if you're looking, go check it out! Hope to see lots of entries for my challenge! If this goes well, it may become a regular thing ;) So tell a friend and get busy!


  1. Congrats on receiving the blinkie award from Sass! I am green with envy ;)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours!

  2. woo-hoo! thanks for the scrapgal shout-out--yano we luvya over there too :)

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment about our June Kit on the blog. Make sure and check back on June 17th for the debut & information on a Free Kit giveaway! :)


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