Monday, June 15, 2009

I think I should crawl back in bed...

SO today it has really hit me. I only have 4 days left in my house. Ever. This weekend, we signed a lease for it. A great couple in the same situation as us- getting transferred, unable to sell their house, needs a place to live until they get it sold cause they can't afford 2 mortgages- is going to be living here, hopefully starting the 1st of July, assuming the movers can get organized.

I will be leaving for Texas/Louisiana to see Luke and look at houses on Wednesday. I am going down a day early to get some stuff taken care of in Denver. My folks will be keeping the kids for me there are my mom's friend is graduating from college. My parents planned to come down anyway so it just worked for them to keep my midgets there.

When I get back next Tuesday, I will have Wednesday at home, then Thursday I have to leave for Salt Lake. The kids and I fly out friday morning at 6am, so we have to stay overnight there. I still don't know how I am getting to the airport. I need someone to drive me, but finding someone to drive you 3 hours just to turn around and come home isn't easy. I will figure it out I am sure.

At that point, I will never be back here again. We will spend a month in Hawaii with Lindsey. My folks are coming out the last 4 days we are there, so we will get some time altogether (minus Luke) for the first time in 2 years. I miss my sissy and even Alisa, though she torments me so with her feet!

When we leave Hawaii, we will head straight for Dallas, TX and on to wherever it is Luke has found for us to live. I will no longer be a Wyoming resident, which isn't all that sad. I hate GR and pretty much everything here! This is the ugliest part of the whole state. I will be happy to put it in my rearview mirror. But TX brings new challenges, a new way of life. A new climate, new people, new customs. And MORE republicans!!!! AHHHHHHH! Not that I am opposed to republicans, I even share some of their views. I just have a hard time with conservatives sometimes. I am, afterall, DEBATE! And that makes me prone to arguements. And that makes me prone to disliking people because they have no EVIDENCE for their arguements. They believe stuff and they don't know why and don't have any logical evidence, much less set prescedence to back it up. And that infuriates me! OK, enough about that.

Ok, I need to go switch over laundry so I can start packing today. Just what I always wanted to do. I cleaned out all the leftovers so when Traeger comes to house sit, he doesn't have any funky science experiments growing in the back of the fridge! I will have an update tomorrow... something good!

I will leave you with something I did Saturday night.

Hasta Los Crotches.


  1. 1) happy you found someone for the house
    2) jealous you are going to Hawaii for a month
    3) not in any way jealous of all the packing and strange schedules coming your way
    4) the strawberry goodies look SO good
    5) as does the crafts
    6) what about my crotch?

  2. How funny! I took a pic of my strawberry shortcake in a bowl on Sunday! But my bowl's green. LOL.

  3. yummy page!!!! oh my gosh soooo glad that things are working out for ya... and I'm still way jealous about the whole going to Hawaii... soooo bummed you won't be sooo close anymore.. hope the whole move and everything goes well!!


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