Saturday, June 6, 2009

Homage to Anthem

So as you may know, I recently won a super fab prize pack from Sassafrass. I was chosen as their blog blinky winner for last week. YEEHAW! And I felt like I owed it to them to create something fitting of the line. I do believe this qualifies as fitting. Can I just say that I am in love? The gret bright colors just scream happiness! How can you look at this house and not smile? It's a bit 50's, a bit Skittles, and a bit Wizard of Oz.
So some technical issues/advice/what I did...

1. To make the flowers in the window box, I punched some scraps of the anthem paper using my EK binding punch. I folded the long skinny stip on the bottom to a 90 degree angle. i ran a couple little spots of adhesive and stuck them down in rows of different colors. No one wants bland flowers!

2. The balloons posed a bit of a problem. I knew I wanted them to float above the house, but figured wire would look cheesy. So I took a 12 inch MME THICK transparancy strip and cut an 1/8 inch strip off the side. I then cut that to varying lengths so the balloons could be different heights. For the front and back balloon, I pt a glue dot on the bottom and top of the transpapracy and on the bottom, I wrapped it all the way around (for better adhesion). Stick the balloon on the top, cut a small square of matching paper and stick it on to cover the glue dot and end of the transparancy. On the bottom, I sandwiched the transparancy between the paper edge and the chipboard roof.

3. When you use the doodlebug houses, you HAVE to use glue. The adhesive they put on is completely useless. They even added a sticker to say to use hot glue. I don't have a hot glue gun, I broke mine... So I used a metal glue. So far so good.
4. I wanted to use a different paper on each side of the house, so I had white spots on the corners. I added ribbon and felt "gutters" to cover those spots. I used the edges of the paper (which by the way, is the smartest thing Sass has ever done, I use those just as much if not more than anything else!) I also cut curtains out of scraps for the windows. I wanted the inside to be interesting too, so I covered the inside with more of the paper so that when you look through the front door, you get something other than white. the back of the house was plain so I used a paper whimsy, doodled in purple around it, cut a flower paper whimsy in half, and put it and the center on pop dots.

Ok, enjoy! And go buy some Anthem now!


  1. WOW! I love it!
    You really know how to rock the Sassafras :)

  2. This is totally adorable Rachael! Love it!


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