Monday, January 4, 2010

Fat Girl in a Little Bikini

Those of you who know me from Scrap Gal, this is for you! This summer I spent in Kauai with my sister. It was a trip of firsts. I tried MANY new things, including ziplining, Filipino food, and wearing a true bikini IN PUBLIC! And maybe I shouldn't have. I apologise to any of you who saw me in person and were grossed out.

One of the good things about Kauai is that while I did know a LOT of people by the end of my stay, I was still relatively anonymous. And there were many people with worse bodies than mine wearing as little as I was. Sometimes less and in less appropriate places.

Once I got past being embarrased and self conscience, I was comfortable, had a great tan, and even felt a bit freed. I even shopped for and bought a second bikini top! The tankini top was relegated to the back of the closet and I RAN IT!

So here it is, photographic proof of my adventures in the skinny girl atire. Consider yourself warned, do not scroll further if you don't want to see me mostly naked! I used MME Breaking Free collection for almost the entire layout, in keeping with the theme of all of my pages from that trip.


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