Friday, March 26, 2010

Bad, Bad, Bad, blogger.

I know. I have been busy, but not. Mostly I have been uninspired or inspired at the wrong time to post it. I have done NO scrapping. I bought a bunch of stuff from Blue Moon, then mom and dad came for a visit. So it is still in the box, although thoroughly rifled through. I did, however, make this page for the True xoxo girls blog. You should go. do the challenge. win a prize if you're lucky!

I have, however, been posting photos on facebook. So if you are not my friend already and you are reading this blog, you should become my friend so you can see what I am working on. And I promise to try to get back int he habit of blogging. It's so easy when you do it all the time to keep doing it. But once you stop, you are screwed! this photo I took and LOVED. It's my duck shoes in the permanent swamp that is my front yard. I messed with the saturations a little to get the color I wanted, but I just love the way my flash shimmers and sparkles off the water. Yep, I'm a photo geek.
And one more photo. this is from a few months ago but I don't know if I shared it. It is now framed 8x10 in my living room, along with the boots, the shot of my neck, some new flowers, the coke series posted on facebook under midgets and random shiz, and a few others. Maybe I will take a picture and show that some day. But a tiny frog somehow got on my kitchen window and hopped along and left these SUPER cool prints on the outside. I love it. LOVE it. All time top 10 photos.

Other things of significance in my life... Luke blew out his knee once and for all. We already knew he would need surgery, but it looks as if the time has come. He has been off work several days now and his boss said don't come back till it's fixed. That has left me scrambling for a job. I have appointments with temp agencies monday. Pray for our marriage. With Luke at home, things will be rough for a spell. We've been through rough patches before, but this will rival them. Luke with no income and at home all day is more than he can handle. Guess we will see how the cards fall. I will have to just get some pretty thick skin.

Well, that's it for tonight. See everyone later! Sooner than later I hope!


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