Saturday, March 6, 2010

BONUS post!

It's been a GORGEOUS day. 70 degrees, perfect humidity, not a cloud in the sky. Julia had a friend over last night and I decided after she went home, we needed to take a couple photos. Of course nothing really struck my fancy. But the COOELST things happened today!

1. We found balloons in the woods! Remember when we were kids and our classes would release piles and piles of balloons into the air with our names and addresses on them hoping SOMEONE would find them in like Egypt and send us a letter? Well, we got to be those people today! A kindergarten class in Big Sandy, Texas (about 75 miles away) released these on their 100th day of school! I think I was more excited about it than the kids because they don't do that much anymore. it's TERRIBLE for the environment. Basically it's school sanctioned littering and animals get tangled in the mess or eat the balloons. But it is really cool in theory! So we brought the whole stash of balloons, strings, and tags home. We took this photo of Julia and will send a copy along wih a map of our road and where the balloons were found to the school on monday.

2. The kids found a turtle shell in the woods! We have seen ONE turtle across the street a while back, Luke messed with it a bit. Bit the kids were making "forts" in the woods and ran across this shell. Julia's friend took the green shell off the boney part (grrrrrrr.) but they kept it, so right now it's being held on by Glue Dots! SO cool. OK, score one small one for the south.
3. Julie FINALLY learned to ride her bike consistently! She has been so afraid of falling that she never would even try without Luke holding on. Not only is she now riding, but steering on gravel! She decided she needed to ride up and down our road, which I didn't agree with. Not that it's busy by ANY stretch of the imagination, but the traffic that does make it down here is often oil field equipment. Not a match for a girl on a bike.
4. While I don't have flowers or green grass or anything spring like, we do have these TINY little purple flowers. They are so tiny and delicate and the bees were all over them. So I stopped the car at the end of the driveway when we came home, broke out my camera, and caught this bee. I HATE bees. The end of the driveway is a good place for them.
Well, that's it for this evening. Hopefully something worth blogging about will happen tomorrow! See you then! I think I will try the flea market!


  1. OMG - that is too cool, i'm a wee bit jealous!!! hehe - how fun, i bet that kindergarten class will be excited. it sounds like you had a great day xxx

  2. That is so cool about the balloon and turtle find. It's great to go out exploring and find things like this.


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