Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the finished, hung project

Here it is, hanging.  I got the hook into the ceiling (got SO lucky and found a stud, right off the bat!) and tacked the cords to the wall.  I used clear tape (yep, ghetto, I know) to tape the wires together and you can't see it.  It looks pretty nice.  I used an extension cord with 3 outlets on it so the lights are all plugged together.  Love the way it looks.  The vintage jars cast cool patterns of light on the wall, even better than I hoped.  Especially the one with the grid pattern on it!  I also sprayed the lids with the copper chrome paint today.  You can't really see it when the lights are on, but during the day when they are off it shows better and ties nicely with the rest of the copper in the room. 

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