Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cause I'm the queen of the trailer park...

Yep, it's true. I am living in a 5th wheel in an RV park in Marshall Texas. Our now fired mortgage broker screwed us over yet again, so we have moved on to a different company. But that means more time, probably 2 more weeks here. We have been here 2 weeks now. Kids start school next monday.

I have had a bit of time since there isn't much to do but shop right now. I have scrapped a little bit. But really, even with the AC blowing full blast, it's still hot in here. Too hot to be comfortable. I have some of the stuff I printed off before I left Kauai, so I have been plugging away, very slowly. Mostly all I want to do is sleep!

Here is something I worked on. Only blog readers will see this one until next month. But.... If you come to and click on the blog link the first week of the month, you will find how this relates to the september contest that has a goody!

So here it is. Enjoy. Can't wait for all of the CHA new releases to get here so I can get super busy! Stay tuned, there may be more goodies here in the near future!

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