Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Little World

I am always up for a challenge. So I hopped on the OLW bandwagon and did this week's challenge. I really feel like I am still 19. that my life is not my own. That I stopped being Rachael at 20 and became Luke's wife, then Julia's mom, then Trent's mom. In jobs, I was always someone's assistant. I just want to be me. I have been struggling with this the past 2 years, just ask Luke! It's hard to know who you are when the years you were supposed to be figuring that out we spent working on someone else's life. I guess what this layout is all about for me, feeling like I am playing grown up when I am most assuredly not mentally a grown up.
Pretty much everything is Sassafras Me Likey. Thickers, and some doodlebug glitter dot paper. I love me some polka dot paper, and glitter makes everything better!


  1. yayayay I love it, sweetie!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Great take on the challenge. And you KNOW I am loving the sass!! hehehe Awesome job, hun! TGIF tomorrow!

  2. really REALLY wonderful. & you know what? i feel the same way a lot too. so many of us put ourselves on hold so that we can take care of others. hang in there sweetie, embrace it :)




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