Thursday, November 5, 2009

Because Jaybird did one...

Well, not really, but kinda! I have been planning on altering an older copy of "Bridges of Madison County." It's my favorite book in the world. But it got a grease spot on the front. My bff Jason got me a new copy for christmas, so I am going to ffix this one up good! In the meantime, it's been sitting around for months and months because I don't know exactly where I want to go with it and I only get one shot since the book is important for me to keep.

My girl Jaybird altered this awesome book (check it out at and I figured "Know what, what the hell!" Kelly sent me this super cute little pink address book. Well, I don't use them. I use my trusty palm pilot or a spreadsheet. But it was SOOOOOO cute I knew I HAD to use it. So, voila! I modge podged the crap out of it, cut my hole, and trimmed it out. I wanted to obscure it a bit, so I used some sheer swiss dot fabric.
Mostly this was a way to blow off some steam for an afternoon. Over at the Gal, we are having an "Attitude of Gratitude" contest. One of the challenges is to make a gratitude journal, which I intend to do. But I started thinking about the old "Daily Affirmations" sketch on SNL. So right now, I am affirming away. And this little pinky is here to remind me.

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