Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am scrapping, I promise!

I know pretty much everyone who follows my blog does so because they know me from scrapping. Well, I promise I am working! I just cannot post ANYTHING! I made a new design team. Well, actually, 2! But one is a secret and I can't spill till next month! So here's the good news.

I made the DT over at ! I am so stoked. This is a challenge blog with weekly challenges as well as a whole ning community. I am on the "B" team as we are split into two groups. We do a challenge every week, so we split so that there isn't quite so much work. So I have been working on upcoming challenges. Check this week's out, it's all about the word FREE. There will be another one up in a couple days and the layout I am working on is SO ME! Spunky Scrappers is a group of girls like me- no filter. Well, i don't think any of them are as bad as I am, but it's kind of a "gloves are coming off" kind of group. We scrap anything and everything. I will tell you that my layout on my desk right now for this week doesn't contain pictures because we would have to change to a R rating! It's way fun, we just got new sketch artists too, so there is a LOT coming up. Go check it out!

Plus, I have been working on getting stuff going over at with some new contributors. Also, the new team, which of course you don't get to know about yet. But lets just say my profile picture for it is freaking HOT!

Add this to the PILE of Christmas presents I am working on. I am B_R_O_K_E this year. Having 2 houses and having moved etc has just taken the budget down to NIL. So I am making as many as I can. Which really just works out well because I am so awesome, everyone wants my gifts anyway... right? Yeah, maybe not. But I am working on cool stuff. I will post some when I get them finished.

OK, in-laws coming in LATE tonight. I am not feeling well. I have been having constant dizziness for 3 days now. It's something with my eyes, not an inner ear infection. I think it must have something to do with my optic nerve or something. My lips tingle when i move my eyes. It SUCKS. BAD. I am going to try to get to the doc tomorrow cause I cannot do anything like this!

Till later this week, have a great time! Enjoy the fall, enjoy your families! And Getcha SOME!

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  1. Congrats Rachael, looking forward to the big secret coming out.


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