Tuesday, December 1, 2009


November flew by. Yeah, I am a bad blogger. Since there are like 3 of you who actually follow me somewhat regularly, Here is what has happened in the past 2 weeks.

1. Steve and Gayle (my in-laws) came and stayed a week with us for Thanksgiving. It was really nice. We took in the sights a bit, got to visit a lot, did some shopping, and just hung out.

2. I had some medical issues that took a lot of time and stress. Long rated G story is that I am ok, just adding another "disease/disorder/condition" to my list. Yep, it's fun.

3. Our outdoor cat passed a tape worm. Yep, it was like 12 inches. At least. It was the most incredibly disgusting thing ever so I had to share. It was too much nasty to keep to myself. Just be glad I didn't take a picture.

4. trent is now missing both his front top teeth and his two bottom side teeth. Then we went out for supper and he got corn on the cob. Yep, we all laughed.

5. You know you're a redneck when.... You take your kids to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.

6. Stood on line for 3 hours to get INTO toys r us on black friday. Then took another 30 minutes to check out once I got inside. Yep, that was awesome. It was 33 degrees and I wore a fleece. Wahoo. By the time I got in, half the stuff I was waiting for was gone. Then I stood on line at Target for one hour. I got everything I needed plus a reusable shopping bag and checked out in less than 5 minutes. Much better choice at Target.

7. We had another scorpion in the house. Yep, the insect variety with the sting parts. EW. I am not a fan of the south. Just sayin.

8. Got a bunch of stuff to work on Christmas projects with. I am making a ton this year for gifts, so that is taking most of my crafting time. So that's more of why I am not posting scrappy stuff. Cause the altered items I have made are gifts and that would just ruin everything!

My goal is to scrap at least one or two pages tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'll post if I get the chance! Hope all of you are less stressed than I feel right now. Enjoy your holidays!

Pictures coming soon, we got to go to Natchitoches (pronounced nack a tish) where they are old plantations. It's the oldest city in louisiana and was incorperated in 1714. So I have some really good photos, I just need to upload them from my CF card, which I cannot just stick into my laptop!



  1. Wow, what a week! Sounds like enough excitement to last you til next year (at least)! Eww on the tapeworm :S

  2. Glad to hear from you. Sid loves Bass Pro. It is to good to be true that Santa is there. (at least from his point of view) Yeh, I know what colour my neck is. LOL


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