Sunday, December 13, 2009

Survivor: Greenwood

I think I can honestly now say I have an idea of what it's like to be on that show. I have not eaten more than 4 popcicles a day since tuesday. I cannot eat! STILL! I am woozy all the time, sleep most of the day because of the meds, and and feel like my stomach is eating itself.

My friend Ana has been coming over to help out with the kids and keeping my kitchen clean, which has been a god-send. The rest of the house is ankle deep. Luke has decided to take a side logging business again, against my better judgement. He works all 3 of his days off to make what he would make in simply working ONE more day at his real job. It infuriates me, but you can't tell that man anything. Whatever.

I have polished off the better part of a box of fudgecicles, some twin pops, and 1/2 a pint of ben and jerry's Cherry Garcia. I think I probably have consumed 2000 calories since tuesday, including drinks. I bought Sprite Zero (out of habit, not realizing that I could USE the calories right now!) and have been drinking that and water. More water because the sprite has been irritating my throat lately. I need to go to the grocery store something fierce, but am so weak that I have to hold the wall to walk to the bathroom.

I know it will get better some days, but obviously I am not healing quickly from this surgery. It's probably my own fault, I am afraid to swallow. But my throat swelling doesn't seem to be going down at ALL. I still live with an ice pack on my neck to control that swelling. Today is the first day I actually have a jawline since surgery. I still feel like I swallowed a ping pong ball. But I can speak, so that's awesme. I went for 2 full days with NO words. Then another 2 with very short sentences once in a while. It still hurts to talk, but at least i can make the sounds. Right now the ear aches are really getting me.

So to all of my committments I am slacking off on, I am really really sorry. I don't feel stable enough to scrap... at least not to have it be anything I would be able to share... I am not sure jackson pollack type scrapping would go over well! I tried to work on a few christmas gifts, but that's going no where fast.

I am hoping that by the end of this next week I will be closer to 75%, I think 100% is a rediculous stretch! My Grandma and Grandpa sent me a thank you card which was really nice. The ONLY people who did mind you.... Bad friends, shame on all of you.

Hopefully the next time I blog, I will have better news. And no, I am not sharing any photos. I DID shower last night, but it's still not pretty!


  1. Get better real soon. Last 2 months have been a drag for you, huh? Scrapping could be dangerous. Scissors, exacto knives, paper cuts. Just take it easy and miss you.

  2. Getting your tonsils taken out is no small thing. Make sure you rest up and consume those calories! :)

  3. man, that is awful! I will be praying for you to feel better!


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