Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photos and a little update

I promised photos from Natchitoches two weeks ago, and I finally uploaded them... Some didn't come out as well as I hoped, but that happens with fading light and plenty traffic! Some I really liked!

This general store is like nothing I have ever seen before. It's in a 100+ year old building and everything is in the flat top tables in cool bins as old as the building. The paint had to be 1/4 inch thick! They had such cool things stored in display counters and this wonderful older gentleman who used to be an art professor who now paints watercolors! So cool. I got to sit and visit with him for probably half an hour. Everyone else was ready to go and left the store to sit outside while I visited. I love talking to older people. One question leads to one hour! But it was really nice!

Other photos are just quick snapshots I wanted to share, Julia after she got her face painted at Bass Pro and Boudreaux and Tan laying together. She thinks she is one of the dogs!

So here is the update part. I am getting my tonsils out tuesday! I have been having problems with them a lot over the past, well, 29 years! They were supposed to come out in '98 and I got sick, then my insurance ran out. So I went in Friday, the doc said "Yeah, they're bad and they're coming out. How does Tuesday sound..." So I will be going in. Last time I had surgery, I got pretty sick afterwards and ended up spending almost the whole day in the hospital. So hopefully this time, they will LISTEN to me when I tell them to give me phenergan!

This means I will be largely unproductive for a while. I do NOT do well with pain meds. I get very ill. The doc said I won't be able to handle the pain without the meds, so I will be on phenergan to keep from yacking and Midrin to squash the inevitable migraines the meds will cause! Yep, it will be one happy unconscience week or two! I will be trying to facebook and MB occassionally, just depends on how often I am alert!

I still have a bunch of Christmas presents to make, all of my gifts to wrap, and some DT stuff to do. Wish me luck! If you want to send flowers, feel free! Also, Papa John's would be greatly appreciated! lol! I promise NOT to post pictures of my scars.

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  1. Good luck with everything tomorrow!! I will definitely be thinking of you! Hope all goes well & there aren't any side effects like you are planning. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing. Keep us posted. Sending thoughts & prayers your way!


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