Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Future Secretary of State

Yep, it's that time of year. school is out tomorrow. Another year has flown by with not much to show for it except a few new teeth, 2 garbage bags of clothes that don't fit anymore, and a noticable lack of kids plates and bowls. Where does it go? Seriously? This year has gone by faster than any other to date.

Today, Trent had his Kindergarten graduation from Timmons. He had a good teacher this year, we were very lucky. She suited him well. He really thrived in her class. he made new friends (not like that's hard for him) and has grown in his little personality. I know it's not really a big deal to make it out of Kinder, but most kids I know that are held back, it happens this year. So I'm excited! It's more of a rite of passage than a real milestone.
He spent the year LOVING to wear a shirt and tie, all the time. We're talking 3 days a week or more all year. They have a school uniform which is basically navy or khaki trousers/shorts/skirt and a hunter, burgundy, white, or navy polo. Since he loves to dress in a shirt and tie so much, I asked the principal and she said he could, as long as the shirt colors were in line with the dress code. So he has worn a white or chambray dress shirt all year! He would always tell teachers that he had a meeting with President Obama on the days he wore his tie. They asked him to talk to the president about increasing teacher's pay! It was kind of a running joke all year, but trent took it very seriously.

I tell you this because at graduation, they gave out certificates to each kid, and each kid had a special talent or trait that was recognized. So there were kids who got "best smile" or "most atheletic" or "best math student". My kid, yep, he got the "Secretary of State" award! Awesome right! I was so stoked. The teacher told basically what I just did, about his dress and his meetings with Obama. It was the cutest thing ever and he got plenty of applause! I was very proud!
Ok. well, that's about it for now. I do have some photos to share, of course and later this week will have another post sharing some photos I took on a little swamp excursion Trent and I took. Things have been a little hectic around here as of late. Some personal stuff going on, that always complicates things. And the end of school, and the kids and I are heading off for Kauai again. can't wait. I'll try to be a little better about posting, heavens knows I am not scrapping. Trying to make plenty of pictures before I leave Louisiana.

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  1. I love his little shirt and tie... My middle son, at four, LIVED in a clip on tie. He wore it to bed, he wore it to school, he wore it to meet Santa, he wore it under his Halloween Costume -- I loved his quirky little tie!


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