Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess where I will be next weekend! If you don't hang at the gal, you should! We have so much fun at crops (and pretty much all the time). There will be lots of prizes and challenges and fun. So make sure you put us on your calendar!

In other news, we are still not unpacked! I know, I am a bad housewife. Luke has been off the past 3 days and I have been spending time with him running around the countryside. It's so nice to spend quality time with the man you love. Without distractions, without kids, without chores. I realize how much I miss him! He works so much and we don't get much alone time.

I saw swamps! And a heron. And swamps. It was cool! It was the Louisiana I was expecting but hadn't really seen yet. We are so close to the texas border, I can spit in one state and have it land in another. We are about 400 yards from Texas and it's not the typical picture of swampy muck I had in my head. I guess that's a good thing.

Guess I don't really have much else going on right now, I have been scrapping a bit. I did this layout about my FAVORITE food in the WORLD, Pineapple! It's for the Fave things blog. This page makes me happy.

I will be getting scrappy this week while the kids are in school. I need to take breaks from packing right? Today is laundry day so i don't know what i will get done! I just ordered a TON of new stuff from and can't wait till it gets here! See ya soon, I promise I won't be blogging so far apart. And stay tuned, I will be posting some blog candy soon!

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