Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Sunday Without Football is a Good sunday!

Luke is working nights this week, which means he will have to leave the house before 12:30. And this means NO FOOTBALL today for me! Last weekend, we had free NFL Sunday ticket on Directv. So we watched football or football related shows for about 8 hours. I am SO over it! It was nice to get to watch the Seattle game, other wise I just don't care!

I am unpacking and organizing my scrap room, what a nightmare that is. All the boxes are in different rooms, go movers! And they punched 2 holes in my white Ikea bookcase. You bet your butt they will be paying to replace that. I am not a happy camper. But it is nice to sift through boxes and find things I forgot I had. Projects I did and love, embellies I don't remember even buying! So it's a bit like Christmas. Lots of stuff to pull out of boxes, but then you have to put it all away!

Napoleon is getting bigger and bigger. That makes me sad. I really wanted a very small puppy. He was! He just isn't now. So I guess he won't be my purse puppy afterall. I am hoping he stays small enough to be portable, that is why I got him afterall! He is such a sweet guy! I love him to pieces. He sleeps on my shoulder, bites my toes, and poops everywhere. We are working on house breaking, but it's slow going. If I take him out every hour or two, he is great. He still has accidents once in a while. But if I get busy and forget, well all bets are off! he loves playing with Budrow, which is a blessing. Budrow is HUGE and so submissive and dumb! But he lets the puppy chew on his ears and tails and even crawl in his MOUTH! Yep, it's crazy. Budrow will lay with his mouth open and Napoleon will climb halfway in there and bite his cheeks and stuff. It's so funny!

I am off to unpack more. Maybe even scrap a little. Here is a picture I took of Napoleon last week. He's such a handsome pup!


  1. I don't know that we can be friends any more! FOOTBALL rocks!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh he's so so adorable!!! thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment.


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