Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Weiner!

I want to say thanks to everyone that hung out with us this weekend at the Gal. The winner of my RAK of MME Bloom and Grow is Kimbo! She does some AWESOME work, you should check her out!

In other news, I am a bit worried about Samoa. I don't directly know anyone from there, but My sister-in-law now has some family there. Her step-sister just married a Samoan and his family all lives there. I don't know them, have never met them. But I know Alisa's step dad. If you pray, please pray that their family is ok. An 8.0 is a pretty damn big earthquake. And 3 to 4 waves is a lot of devastation. Tuna packing is the main industry there and the tuna canneries have closed now, not due to damage but I'm guessing out of health concerns. This will be devastating for the island. No jobs, no money, no money no food, no way to fix what they lost. So find a charity and DONATE. Check out to get an idea of what charities pass on the most money and which are valid to begin with.

It's a good day, I have no complaints. My dark cloud is hopefully lifting. Things here are going well. Slowly, but well. Time to hop up and clean the kitchen before supper. I'm the worst housekeeper ever! Here's a new card I whipped up.

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