Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loving Amplified

Anyone who has seen my blog more than once knows how enamoured I am with Sassafras Lass. Maybe enamoured isn't a strong enough word. Anyway, semantics. Over at the Gal, we got the new Marmalade, Amplify, and Monstrosity. So at first, I wasnt really sure about any of it, to be honest. I saw the CHA booth stuff and wasnt impressed. Then the stuff got in the store. I looked at it and thought "What the heck, it's only a few bucks right?"

Last Saturday while I was locked in my craft room, it arrived! I almost attacked my poor postal lady! It's amazing! Seriously amazing. The photos online do NOT do it justice. I am so in love. I bought some of the Monstrosity and Amplify both. I passed on the Marmalade for now just because I have SOOOOOOOOOO much girly stuff right now I need to get through. I may pick some up down the road.

This is one of the layouts I did with the Amplify and one of the felites from the Monstrosity line. I really with that Sass would have put out some rad felties for the Amp line. Oh well, maybe I will just have to make my own. Heaven knows I have enough felt laying around my craft room. Hmmmmm. Maybe while Luke is hiding from poor defenseless deer in the woods I could do that!

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