Monday, October 26, 2009

Daily Dose of Fabulous!

I am all about supporting small businesses. This year for Christmas an Channukah, I would like to encourage you to join me. And to entice you, I spent a little time looking around Etsy or some super fab finds!

OMG. Seriously. I found this today on Etsy. I love Etsy. And I HATE statistics. I hate it I hate it I hate it. It about gave me a nervous breakdown. So imagine my surprise when I saw this today! My first reaction was "Where the hell was this when I needed something to cry into?" My second reaction was I really hope someone else besides the person who made this shares my opinion. So all of you current or former college students, please RUN to this etsy store and buy one of these! They also carry log distribution, which I never did understand, simply dumped the formulas into my calculator like a freaking monkey! Log what/who? Here is the store, go check them out!

Next is this little gem. I saw this in the recently listed section of Etsy and I swooned. I am a huge fan of steampunk, but find a lot of the pieces to be too big or loud for my jeans and t-shirts style. But not this. Or about 20 other pieces I found in this store! And so reasonably priced. They are going on my kaboodle list for sure. Go look, I am sure you will find something you will fall in love with too!

2 more to go! Here is the most amazingly hilarious wall art. I have a puppy who at this point is doing his fair share of pissing, mostly on the floor thank heavens. (as I was typing this, he actually just peed on the carpet right by the window. DOH!) But this is just too funny! I am looking at a few designs for my craft room! She has so much stuff! Another of my favorites is a piece of flying paper that turns into an oragami bird! You can find her Etsy store here. How awesome would this be for a Christmas gift!

Last but certainly NOT least is this incredibly cute scarflette. I love scarfs but the extra bulk on my already ample chest is enough to disuade me. This little guy is perfect! Extremely stylish, just quaint enough to be trendy but not look like you are trying too hard. If someone got me one of these, it would be a happy Christmas indeed! Go here and buy me one, I'd be happy with this blue one! But i did just get a dark mossy green peacoat, so a white, cream, or tan would be great!

Check back later in the week for some pretty sweet blog candy. Be sure and tell a friend!


  1. I love Etsy too!!! It's a great place to cruise around for all sorts of inspiration. That dog peeing is toooo funny! Thanks for sharing all the links!

  2. Nice stuff Rachael. That dog is perfect for your room.

  3. LOVE the standard distribution stuffie! That is awesome!

  4. Thanks for stopping by blog, cute picks...I love the statistics inspired shop!! =)

  5. CUTE Etsy finds! The dog decal is hilarious! :-)

    Thanks for the sweet blog comment... :-)

    Hope you have a GREAT week!

  6. ohhh way fun Etsy finds.. there is soo much on there.. but amazing too.. glad you are back and up and going


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