Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christmas Blog Candy Etsy Style!

If you follow my blog, you know I like to give stuff away. You also know that I am crafty. And that I get behind stuff and people I like 100,000%! I am a fan of Etsy, not just because it gives artisans a way to sell their goods, but because it encourages us all to support hand-crafted goods. I feel like 100 years, women prided themselves in their hand-made goods. Quilts, ebroidery, needlecrafts, and garment making. But since the era of 2 income families, that has very much gone by the wayside. Scrapbooking as an industry has encouraged women (and men, I know there are a few of you out there!) to craft, and to be proud of it. Now Etsy is doing that AND making it a viable way to make money!

So this is the part where I get behind soemthing and RUN! A few days ago, I posted a few things I loved that I found on Etsy. And a few of those vendors were kind enough to either donate products for me to giveaway or offer a limited number of discounts. You ready? Cause these goodies are VERY Christmas giftable!

This is SOOOOO awesome! Nicole over at Naussica Distribution on Etsy MADE these special for me to give away to you! 2 sets! So 2 people will win one magnet and one pin. So awesome! Did I mention that? If you never took statistics in college, you may not be familiar with this guy, but it's the normal distribution curve. This version is MUCH more pleasant than the version in my books! You can't buy these in the store, they are just for you here!

And Judith over at Wild Fiber Knits is offering a $5 coupon to the first 5 people who convo her through her Etsy shop. Her prices are very reasonable and she makes very cute things! I am in love with her scarflettes and this green purse! Friends and nieces and the like can be difficult to shop for, but her scarflettes would make anyone happy to open a pressie from you! I know I would be! So check out their shop right here, make sure you let them know I sent you!

So leave me a comment and you will be entered for the normal distribution magnet/pin sets! and keep your eyes pealed as I am working on some more stuff in the near future! and go to Wild Knit Fibers and order something fabulous for someone you love (maybe that's yourself!)

Oh, if you link my via facebook or twitter and let me know, I will give you an extra entry! You have until November 7th to enter.


  1. Hey Rach! Both of these "shops" are so cool. I've never shopped on Etsy, can't wait to see what you find next.

  2. Awesome biz!! THanks for the hook up!!

  3. That is such a cute purse!! It looks so soft I just want to cuddle up to it!

  4. Thanks for sharing those shops! I love etsy and I always love a good recommendation!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  5. Adorable purse! I never heard of Etsy, will have to check it out!

  6. I love that bag Rachael. Thanks for the link!


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